Underwater Treadmills
Basic Treadmill Information
Therapy For Dogs Underwater Treadmill is designed specifically for the
rehabilitation of dogs.

When a pet is injured or in pain they may not be able to use their limb on
land, but will often use it in the water. Water gives the animal buoyancy,
this reduces the forces on the injured joints and muscles. Warm water
assists in pain reduction and provides resistance for good exercise. This
combination allows the dog to start the rehabilitation process much

When the dog does not experience as much pain in movement it is more
likely to use the limb through its normal range of motion which will reduce
recovery time.

Animals that will benefit include orthopedic post-operative patients, back
injuries, ligament injuries, and neurological problems.

The system is also great for arthritic and obese dogs.  The warm water
and buoyancy along with resistance makes using the underwater treadmill
a good choice in rehabilitation therapy.